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That they inscribe us in a list of defaulters as ASNEF is not a pleasant situation for anyone and to appear in a file of defaults has several negative consequences. For example, if we are in ASNEF and need financing we can see how our chances of obtaining liquidity are reduced. If we have unpaid loans, the best we can do is consolidate them with reputable debt management companies.

What personal loans with ASNEF can we request?

There are several entities of personal minipréstamos to which we can go if we are registered in non-payment lists as ASNEF with which we can obtain small amounts of cash in just a few minutes to solve any unforeseen and without having to be customers. These are some of the best current offers:

Lender The maximum amount for new customers Cost € 100 to 30 days I’m interested
Mini credit Krédito24 € 750 € 35 Apply for
Dineo Minicredit € 300 Free for new customers Apply for
Pepedinero mini credit € 250 € 33 Apply for

As we have already said, if we are enrolled in a list of defaults we can have problems finding financing. However, it is possible to request some personal loans with ASNEF, but we will have to request them from a private equity lender since conventional banks will not grant us personal loans with ASNEF. In that case, one of the best options we have is to ask for mini-credits, since several entities finance defaulters as we can see in the table above. With this type of personal loans with ASNEF, we can get up to € 750.

How to settle our debts with personal loans with ASNEF

First of all, we must know the reason why a company has enrolled us in a list of defaults. The company that registers us in ASNEF or in any other file of defaulters will have to notify us 30 days in advance and by certified mail. We must also take into account in the face of the request for personal loans for defaulters that not all debts are equal since these private lenders will only grant us personal loans with ASNEK if:

  1. Our debt does not exceed € 200, although there is some company that allows a default of up to € 1,000.
  2. That the debt we have has not been contracted with another financial entity.

Whenever we want to obtain personal loans for defaulters we will have to meet, in addition to these two conditions, the usual requirements that require us to get normal mini-credits (age of majority, ID, operating bank account, stable and demonstrable income …).

Find out more about how to leave ASNEF with our guide

One way to get rid of files of defaulters such as ASNEF is paying the debt that we have pending requesting one of the personal loans with ASNEF offered by some private lenders. Even so, if we need more information we can always request the free HelpMyCash guide “What rights do you have if you are in ASNEF”. With this useful tool developed by our experts, you can access more complete information such as other personal loans with ASNEF that we can request (P2P and secured loans), the forms to fill in the applications and the requirements that will require us, among other things.