Expert: Reduction of electricity network fees only a first step


Expert: Reduction of electricity network fees only a first step

Saarbrücken (dpa) – The commitment of Vattenfall Europe to lower grid fees by the Federal Network Agency considers the Saarbrücken energy expert Uwe Leprich only for a first step towards lower electricity prices. “Further reductions will inevitably have to follow,” said the scientist from the Institute for Future Energy Systems (IZES) at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) of Saarland on Thursday in a dpa conversation.


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In Austria, the network fees have been reduced by a total of 25 percent. “In Germany this is only the beginning with 11 percent, but by no means the end of the flagpole.” Germany still has the highest network charges in Europe. For consumers, according to Leprich’s assessment, a price reduction of three to five percent will arrive.

The announced lawsuits of the electricity supplier against the coercive measures of the network agency are Leprich no chance. The procedure was tested internationally; Germany merely joins international practices. “In Germany you will have to get used to the fact that you can not make unlimited money,” said Leprich. Given the high profits of electricity companies, the reduction of network fees is almost negligible. The threat of Vattenfall to impose an investment stop will remain empty from Leprich’s point of view: “That would be a reason to deprive a network operator of the license.”